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SIP Digital Trunks

New World Netcom offer businesses the very latest technology in SIP Digital Trunk connectivity.

SIP Trunks are delivered according to the bandwidth required to handle the number of simultaneous calls required by the business. A Managed Router is provided in most instances, connecting to a SIP Gateway or IP PBX. In the event of circuit failure, calls can be diverted to alternative telephone lines or mobile telephones.


  • SIP Trunks provide multiple both-way calling at low cost across the PSTN with free calls between company offices and home workers with Broadband access.
  • SIP Trunks offer all of the functionality of ISDN lines but at a fraction of the cost, with Direct Dial-in, common extension dial-plan between offices and retention of existing telephone numbers.
  • Once you are operating with a SIP Trunk, should you need to move offices you can take your number with you to anywhere in the country.
  • SIP Trunks can replace or back-up existing lines.



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