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Network Services

New World Netcom offers its customers a comprehensive range of Telephone Line and dedicated Private Circuit services, designed for Corporate’s, SME’s, Educational Establishments and Home Workers alike. All of our services utilise ‘Tier 1’ Carriers to carry customer’s calls and data traffic.

Saving Money on Rental and Call Charges

SIP Line Services

SIP Lines are becoming the de-facto service replacing ISD Lines, using Internet Protocol (IP) Broadband Technology. New World Netcom are already ‘Unbundling’ customers lines from BT Exchanges and terminating these lines onto its providers IP Switches to provide dedicated SIP Lines for Voice and Data working. New World Netcom provide its customers competitively priced high quality business class SIP Lines for its range of IP PBX’s and Hosted Telephony Services. Customers with multiple sites enjoy free calls between offices using our SIP Line Services. Existing telephone numbers can be retained with full DDI working.

ISDN Line Provision

New World Netcom can install the full range of PSTN Trunk Lines including ISDN2 (Basic Rate), ISDN30 (Primary Rate) and Analogue lines. ISDN2 circuits comprise two Lines/Channels and are suitable to be connected to telephone systems requiring up to eight lines. ISDN30 Circuits can provide up to thirty Lines/Channels, more than one ISDN30 Circuit can be connected to large capacity telephone systems. Direct Dial-in (DDI) numbers can be attached to ISDN circuits with any number of DDI numbers associated to extension users, allowing callers to be routed directly to the extension required. DDI numbering is a low cost facility.

ISDN Lines

There are two forms of ISDN Digital Line service available to businesses, ISDN2e, otherwise referred to as Basic Rate ISDN and ISDN30e otherwise referred to as Primary Rate ISDN. Both of these services are circuits made up of 64kb channels.


A single ISDN2e circuit comprises two 64kb channels (lines) and can carry two simultaneous telephone conversations. Up to four ISDN2e lines (eight lines) can be bonded economically to carry up to eight simultaneous calls.


An ISDN30e circuit comprises thirty 64kb Channels (lines) and therefore can carry up to thirty simultaneous telephone conversations. This is the most economical form of connection for businesses that require more than eight lines.

Analogue Line Provision

Analogue Lines, powered by the local exchange, are generally used to back-up Digital ISDN lines connected to telephone systems. Analogue Lines are still the least expensive option used by small businesses that require very few lines. Analogue devices such as Modems and Fax machines are the most common communication devices that still use Analogue Lines.

Private Circuits (Leased Lines)

Private Circuits (Leased Lines) are ideally suited to organisations requiring fixed QOS bandwidth connectivity between offices to transport ‘voice and data’ traffic. New World Netcom services include IPNet, MPLS providing the best possible levels of speed and resilience configurations.

Non – Geographic Numbers (NGN)

NGN numbers together with a comprehensive range of Premium Rate numbers offer customers the opportunity to dynamically route calls by geographic location, time of day and operator availability. NGN numbers are not physical lines but are ‘associated’ to a fixed line number for billing purposes.

0800 Free phone

This service is designed to encourage callers to ring you because there is no charge for the call. Your business is charged for the call.

0845 Local Rate

Callers dialling 0845 numbers pay a Local Call tariff to call your company. You pay a small percentage of the call charge.

0870 National Rate

Callers dialling 0870 numbers are charged at National Call Rates, you are not billed for these calls but could earn a revenue depending on the volume of calls generated.

Directory Enquiries (118 814)

New World Netcom provides a simple and straight forward DQ tariff providing callers a single ‘look up’ per call with no expensive connection fee.

Fault Resolution

As with most companies New World Netcom office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. For those companies that require out of hours support New World are able to offer two options that provide (a) Out of Hours Support 5pm to 9am and (b) 24/7 Full Service. Whichever service you subscribe to, our Call Centre is able to ensure that your reported fault is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

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