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Unified Communications for Business

UC for Business is an all-in one unified communication solution for NEC's SV8100 system. Encompassing all methods of contact in a single point, it provides 360-degree communication for all employees.


Good reasons to choose UCB:

A single point solution with a single server - creates a simplified administration environment.
Familiar Microsoft Outlook based user interface.
Presence Reporting allows managers to monitor activity of their team, helping to enhance employee performance.
Simplified call handling - users manage all their communications from their desktop.
Easy operation means little or no staff training required.
Easily customised for individual company requirements.
A wide range of 3rd party interfaces allows UCB to boost customer service and productivity.
Treat the mobile and the desk phone as a single device, using one number.
Instant ‘drag and drop’ conference calls UNIVERGE

Presence – View real-time status of the whole company.

Solutions for Executives – Prioritise, screen and manage your calls.

Solutions for Knowledge Workers – Increase reachability and productivity.

Solutions for Contact Centre – Transform your customer service.

Solutions for Console Operators – Superior call handling.

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