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NEC Telephony Systems / Servers

The ultimate in unified communications - NEC SV9100.

New World Netcom are a Business Associate of NEC and as such are an accredited reseller authorised to install and maintain their SV9100 series of IP telephone systems and associated applications. NEC established in 1899 invests £2bn annually in R&D in its voice & data products it matters little if an SME requires only ten telephone extensions or a Corporate requires hundreds of extensions with networking between offi ces and branches, the NEC SV9100 series of telephone systems caters for all Businesses, Health Centres, Hospitals, Schools and Colleges, Call Centres and Hotels, providing common functionality for all, across the range but at a price to suit all budgets.




 The 9.5" NEC SV9100 3 slot chassis telephone system caters for up to 32 Digital and Analogue ports (extensions and lines) with embedded Voicemailand Mobile Extension integration activated as required. For additional extension capacity, up to 512 IP Stations can be added. The system can also be confi gured to form part of a 'Network' of systems between remote sites.



The 19" NEC SV9100 rack mounted telephone system is designed to meet the needs of larger organisations that require greater port images/original/SV9100_(front)_DT400_DT800_24D_22082014_115.jpgdensity or to 'Network' multiple sites. The system is supplied with embedded applications including Voicemail, Automated Call Distribution (ACD) and Mobile Extension . For enhanced capacities, additional variable extension cards, applications and handsets can be added as required. A total of four chassis can be linked to provide a single system capacity of 416 physical ports and 512 IP Stations.


images/original/NEC_SV8100_handsets.jpgNEC provide an extensive range of advanced busness phones catering for both digital display handsets and a complimentary range of IP Terminals where IP Telephony is the preferred choice. The SV9100 series systems can also provide dedicated ports for the connection of analogue devices such as Fax and PDQ.





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