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NEC SV8100 Handsets

SV8100 handsets are like no other. Their modular construction means you can chop and change the design for exact business requirements. They can then be upgraded at a later stage without having to replace them - a great investment protection.

Feature-wise, time saving features such as company directories, call history and speed dials are instantly accessible. Not only does this improve productivity, it increases customer service levels too.

Top end features on the IP phones include colour touch screens and an ‘Open XML interface’ which provides the capability of integration with Microsoft® Outlook databases and other applications.

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5 good reasons to choose SV8100 handsets

Modular construction - the interchangeable design provides easy and cost-effective upgrades, helping to future-proof a businesses investment

Customisable design - choose from a range of add-on line key modules, faceplates, LCDs, keypads and even printable side panels

Customisable function keys - can be adapted to the exact individual requirements of a business

User-friendly interface - little or no staff training required

• Unique Bluetooth handset option – provides wireless freedom from a desk, also links with Bluetooth headsets & other Bluetooth devices



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